Yalda Aziz/IT Management : Boise State University

Yalda Aziz is a first generation immigrant from Afghanistan whose family moved to the U.S. to pursue better educational opportunities. She speaks 6-languages and finished high school in the Boise School District. That’s where she found an interest in computer sciences. When she graduated from high school she was hired at the district in Information Technology while attending Boise State University’s IT Management program.

Journey to Career follows students now attending a technical school in Idaho. This is 6 in-their-own-words segments. We find out what drove them to a technical college instead of a 4-year university. In many cases we find out that these technical school students tried traditional 4-year universities. But then found they preferred a more hands on approach.

Next Steps Idaho: http://nextsteps.idaho.gov/
Journey to Career: http://idahoptv.org/journeytoeducation/#career

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