Anti-patterns of a Product Owner (PO).. - Nimesh Soni

Meet Ms. SWAT-i, a Product Owner (PO) for whom all the things is a fire-fighting operation. She handles all the things as a SWAT group operation, usually on the final second.


Ms. PO, you wish to guarantee your group fails? Use a few of these anti-patterns 🙁

Not being out there to group. An absent PO is a certain shot to failure! Even a excessive performing group cannot mitigate this.

Absolutely no data of the enterprise area!

Focus on your self (CYA, how I maintain my job) moderately than specializing in Customer

Unclear in regards to the backlog gadgets. Not having sufficient data, not having solutions for the group once they ask for clarification.

Focused on simply the early wins, low hanging fruits! [You should be focused on HV,LE items (High Value, Low Effort) ]

PO who’s tied all the way down to a series! A PO who shouldn’t be empowered is a certain shot to delays and confusion.

Asking group to begin driving with out telling them the place you wish to go. Even worse could be for PO to not know the place she needs to go (anybody heard of the Vision assertion!)

Over committing to your stakeholder (sucking as much as them!?) with out consulting your group.

Say ‘Yes’ to each change that comes your means. Say ‘Yes’ to all of the requests out of your stakeholders and pushing them to ‘in-flight’ sprints

Play musical chair along with your group within the dash! Keep altering priorities even for these tales inside your dash.

Doing the product proprietor function by committee! (Trying to maintain everybody blissful within the stakeholders neighborhood)

Instead of being a bridge between dev group and prospects, stakeholder neighborhood, get them into pissing contest, having them pointing fingers at one another. It’s extra essential to search out somebody accountable moderately then delivering worth!

Sounds familier?

Is any of your PO exhibiting these conduct(s)? Run so far as you may from one you probably have! 

In the subsequent submit, we’ll meet one other PO, Ms. Fab, who’s polar reverse of Ms. SWAT-i. She will present you ways the PO can create VALUE for you, your group, your group. 

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